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Run Club

Whether you're preparing for an upcoming race, looking for a family-friendly way to get active, or simply enjoy running with others, Run Club is for you. A program for all levels, Run Club allows you to run, improve your health and fitness, and connect with others through two styles of class: group runs designed to correct running form, increase speed and endurance and an additional group fitness class to improve strength and flexibility. No running experience required!

Why should I start an endurance regimen?

Running has all kinds of emotional and physical benefits!

  • Health benefits such as improved heart and lung function. Great for the muscles too!
  • Emotional benefits such as stress relief and increased confidence. Running has even been linked to lower depression and anxiety. Runner's high is real!
  • Feel better. Running can relieve joint pain and strengthen muscles. It's also great for torching those calories!
  • You can do it anywhere. No gym required! Once you're "a runner," you're all set for a lifetime of fitness.

What comes with the Run Club session?

  • Certified run coaches with lots of race experience
  • Weekly runs with the group to improve speed and endurance
  • An additional group fitness class to improve strength and flexibility
  • A customized at-home race training guide
  • Online support and accountability in our private Run Club group
  • A group race at the end of the session (optional) with choice of distance

What if I'm not really a runner?

We'd love to change your mind, because you definitely can be! Our Run Club members come from all fitness and endurance levels, with varying degrees of race experience. Run Club is the perfect way to begin your running journey! Whether you're a seasoned runner or brand new to the activity, the program is designed to help you reach your speed, distance, and endurance goals.

Who can join Run Club?

Run Club is for the whole family! We welcome both moms and dads, or grown-ups of any age! We've even had some teenagers participate. Younger children are welcome to attend weekly runs in the stroller.

Where do we meet for group runs?

Run Club meets at the Piney Orchard Community Center on Stream Valley Road in Odenton. From there we use various paths in the Piney Orchard area. See you there!

What should I bring to Run Club?

Running shoes and water are essential. A yoga mat or towel would be helpful for the final stretch.