What is included in the eight-week Body Back Transformation session?

Included in your session:

  • In-person HIIT workouts twice a week (or more, if you'd like!), designed to promote core and total body strength, improved cardiovascular endurance, and maximum metabolic afterburn.
  • A full nutrition plan designed to reframe your relationship with food, and promote whole, unprocessed nutritional choices.
  • Before and after fitness assessments, photos, etc. (all optional) to help measure your progress week by week.
  • Your Body Back Recipe Book.
  • Weekly meal planners and food logs.
  • Individualized goal support.
  • At-home written and streaming supplemental workouts.
  • A private, online community of Body Back support and resources.
  • Specialized accountability and coaching designed to support you in your specific goals and obstacles, and achieve your maximum results!