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Why You Shouldn't Measure Your New Year's Goal on a scale.

New year, new hopes, new dreams, new goals. What kind of goals are you hoping to reach in 2017? Find out why you shouldn't measure your goal in pounds.


It’s almost 2017! We know for many mamas, that means reflecting on this past year and setting some resolutions or goals for the upcoming year. We asked our Stroller Barre clients a few weeks ago if they were “resolution kinda people” and we got a resounding "NO". When they don't stick to their New Year's resolutions, they feel like they've failed, so they don't make them at all. However, one bright mama did say that she sets goals periodically throughout the year and this has worked well for her. We love that!

We’re inclined to think that New Year’s resolutions are so easily tossed aside because they are often overwhelming.

Take the old classic, I’ll lose 15 pounds in 2017. Here’s how that goes:

On January 1, you sleep in late (New Year’s Party an all), you nurse a hangover with greasy food, you lounge around, you have dessert, and you order take-out.

On January 2, you get up early, go for a run, cook up a super healthy breakfast, you refrain from snacking, and you don’t drink your daily soda.

What we’re seeing here is TOO MUCH, TOO FAST. Baby steps are key.

Instead, let’s set one SMART* goal. For the next two weeks, I’ll replace my soda with lemon water.

On January 2, you replace your soda with lemon water and you continue to do that each day and in two weeks you’ve meet your goal. Success!

Now set another. For the rest of the month, I won’t eat fast food, instead, I’ll make home-cooked meals on Sundays that I can freeze and eat throughout the week. Did you do it? YAY! Now set another goal.

You get the point here, right? Baby steps. One change at a time. Develop a habit before you add something else. DON’T SET A GOAL BASED ON YOUR SCALE. If you really want to lose weight, set atainable goals that will get you there (I’ll go to a fitness class 3-4 times a week or I’ll pack my lunch instead of eating out). Think about the obstacles. What’s going to be in your way, how can you get around that?

Want some help reaching your goals in 2017? Our next Body Back Transformation session is beginning January 3rd. Our certified trainers will assist you in setting and achieving your goals. You got this, Mama!

*What’s a SMART goal? SMART goals are specific, measurable, achievable, realistic, and timely.