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Ten Lessons I Learned at Fit4Mom

Laura is one of our fantastic instructors, certified in Stroller Strides, Stroller Barre, and Body Back. She's mom to Leo (3) and John (1). Laura has a hand in running our social media, blog, and special events as our Content and Events Manager, and she LOVES our Fit4Mom Severn village.


I started working out with Fit4Mom Severn back when it was just called "Stroller Strides" (you can read about it here!). Since then, our leaders in fitness have added so many programs I'm proud to have taken part in. Here are some of the lessons I've learned from the Fit4Mom Severn village I'm privileged to know.

1. Moms are the most awesome demographic of people. Strongest, kindest, wisest, funniest. Okay, so we may not be the coolest (I don’t think I could name a single top 40 hit from the past year, or what movies are showing right now), but we make up for that with our other fabulous qualities.

2. When I’m feeling stressed, busy, crazy and want to skip a workout, that’s the exact time to exercise. It builds energy, lowers stress levels, and reminds me I can do anything!

3. There’s still a part of my identity separate from mom and wife. She’s hard to find sometimes, but she’s there.

4. It is literally impossible to stop a group of moms from comparing their labor horror stories. I could tell you the degree of tearing for each mom, I can tell you who pooped on the table, and I can tell you who cursed out their husbands or nurses. But I never WOULD tell you, because that sh*t is sacrosanct.

5. On a related note, everyone has a story. Difficulty conceiving, breastmilk supply issues, labor complications, postpartum depression. Every mama has her struggles, and every mama is doing her best.

6. If you forget to restock your diaper bag, literally any diaper size can fit on nearly any kid. I’ve slapped a size four on a newborn and a size two on a toddler. Mamas make it work.

7. Everyone is an expert at something. Our village consists of teachers, makeup artists, mathematicians, massage therapists, pastry chefs, nurses, lawyers. Between us, we’ve researched every method of sleep training and potty training. We’ve tried every chore chart on Pinterest. Ask for a slow cooker recipe, and you’ll get ninety. If you need advice or support of any kind, just ask.

8. Nobody has it all figured out. Nobody. But we all have it figured out enough, especially if we support each other.

9. Everyone is an athlete. There is something for everybody and every body. Whether the cardio bursts or the back-to-basics of Stroller Strides are your thing, you like the controlled, deliberate movements of Stroller Barre, we've got you covered. If you prefer the endurance-building of Run Club, nurture your prenatal body with Fit4Baby, or you dig the hardcore HIIT style of Body Back, there's a workout out there for you. You may not believe it, but you are an athlete.

10. It’s okay to be vulnerable. Let your mamas do what they do best: support and nourish you when you need it. Motherhood is a village. The village makes us stronger, happier, better.

Photo credit: our friend and village member, Megan Kluge Photography.