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Part 1: Thoughts on Being a "Body Backer"

Guest author Katy Myers is the face behind Macaroni Kid Pasadena and a member of our Fit4Mom Tribe! She participated in Body Back during our Spring 2016 session, and is now a Body Back Boost member.


I've been on a mission since December to start taking care of myself.

As a mom, I frequently grab whatever is leftover on everyone's plate or what is easy and quick for all of us. Exercise was something that was low on my priority list until one day I realized playground season is right around the corner and I'd have to chase my three rowdy and super fast boys around. I knew I needed a change and committed to a healthier lifestyle. I decided I needed something new to help!

Last Tuesday, I began the 8 week Body Back Program with Fit4Mom Severn. I was so excited in the week before and even that day! I had a crappy day on Tuesday, the kind where you just want to stay home and get under the covers. I received an update message that we'd be running that evening and the work out would be outside. Wait, what? I hate to run--like HATE it! And I'm not good at it-so I immediately felt intimidated and started dreading it. I sucked it up and headed out to meet the group! I'm so glad I did.

The run was just part of an assessment. And as the other three moms in my challenge group and I headed out on our half mile run, the sky was a glorious orangish-pink as the sun was setting over Kinder Park. As we passed each other, we were slapping high-fives--a natural encouragement coming out. The assessment also included planks, curls, squats and push-ups. Again there was encouragement from within the small group and from the larger (more-seasoned) Body Back group working out around us. We finished our assessment and joined in with the large group work out. That work out continued to kick my butt, but there was never a moment I doubted why I was there.

Something happened during that workout; I felt strong. And not just physically. I felt empowered. I felt like one tough mama. As we finished up the session with a brief meditation, I laid on my mat staring up at the dark blue sky. The stars were winking at me, as if they knew too. I knew in my soul that this Body Back program with Fit4Mom Severn is somewhere I'm supposed to be. That I will grow stronger-not just physically. That I will do it with other moms from all walks of life and all stages of motherhood.

I went back Thursday night--and let me tell you, that was without a doubt, the toughest workout I've ever done. But I did it! Can't wait to share with you what happens in 8 weeks!