School is back in session and that means lots more work for the kids, and also lots more work for Mom. During the summer, I cherish the lack of lunch packing (aside from the occasional picnic at the park or pool). But lunch packing is back, and like everything at the beginning of the school year, I'm approaching it with gusto.

I try to feed my children nutritious food most of the time. When I'm making their meals, I try to follow the same guidelines that I learned for myself in the Body Back meal plan. Every meal includes fiber and protein, and I try to stick to as much real food as possible. You'll know a food is real if it goes bad or expires in a short amount of time. So banana = real food. It's going to get brown and gross after a week or so. Doritos = not real food. They can stick around in your pantry for a year and still be good. Please don't misunderstand me here. I am certainly not saying I never allow my kids pretzels or Doritos, I absolutely do. I'm just focusing on packing them more nutritious school lunches right now. Am I guaranteeing that they will never get chips in their lunches? Absolutely not.

That said, I'm sharing with you the lunches that I packed for my kids this first week of school! We have these nifty three-section lunch box containers that fit perfectly into the LL Bean lunch boxes . They are organized and tidy and they create no waste!

My kids are not exceptionally diverse eaters. I will not be sharing with you pictures of a quinoa and kale salad. I'll instead be packing things that they will actually eat and not toss in the nearest trash can as soon as they enter the cafeteria.

Day 1 - PB on whole wheat, fruit, veggie (1st day woes – my cucumber was modly, so pickle it is!)

Day 2 - Cheese & whole grain crackers, fruit, veggies

Day 3 - Hard Boiled Egg, whole grain crackers, fruit, veggie

Day 4 - Greek Yogurt, fruit, and granola

Day 5 - Whole grain waffle, fruit, nuts

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