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Last Minute Gifts for Mama!

Mother’s Day is this coming Sunday (hope that doesn’t come as a surprise!) and we’ve got a list of what the mama in your life might like. Because we believe in supporting every stage of motherhood, we’ve broken up our list by where she might be in her motherhood journey. Happy gifting!

For the EXPECTANT mama…

Think gifts that honor the sacrifice she’s making to grow that little bundle.

  • Two words: prenatal massage. Mamas with a bun in the oven have special physical ailments, alignment issues, and emotional needs that a certified prenatal massage therapist can cover. Bonus: she’ll feel relaxed and pampered when she comes home!
  • Do you know there are tons of subscription fashion services for maternity wear? Meet the needs of her growing bump by pairing her with a stylist that will send her apparel that flatters and make her feel comfortable and beautiful.
  • Empower the expectant mama for her #warriorbirth with a doula! Maryland State Doulas offer labor and postpartum doula services, as well as sibling programs, childbirth education, and more.
  • Our personal favorite, FIT4BABY classes with FIT4MOM Severn! We offer membership and pass options for pregnancy, in classes taught by certified prenatal fitness instructors. Each class includes a workout, stretch, and meditation catered just to mamas in all three trimesters.

For the NEW mama…

She’s been through a lot and she’s still adjusting. Celebrate this stage of her life.

  • Amazon Fresh grocery delivery service. If mama wants to do her own shopping at the grocery store, she should go for it, but we’re betting not. Avoid the special trip, the standing in line, and all the germs of the grocery store by subscribing to Amazon Fresh. Do you know they have unattended delivery?!
  • The Cadillac of strollers… a BOB! Help mama and baby get out of the house and into the beautiful weather with this incredible jogging stroller (and a FIT4MOM sponsor for good reason!). Double, single, whatever. We L O V E ours.
  • Is mama going back to work? Planning to stay at home? We love it. We offer Stroller Strides and Stroller Barre, or combo stroller workout packages for the mama on maternity leave or staying at home for longer. Our classes stress honoring your fitness level, building strength and endurance specifically for a mama’s body, and meeting other mamas to love. Can we interest you in a gift card?

For the mama with GOALS…

We believe all bodies are good bodies, but we also believe in setting fitness and nutrition goals and conquering them. If she’s got goals, support her in reaching them!

  • Nothing motivates like new fitness clothes! FIT4MOM retail has some A D O R A B L E stuff in their spring line. Just saying.
  • A bullet journal. Totally customizable to her lifestyle and her individual goals, and a fantastic way to invest in the whole woman. Plus, who doesn’t love a fresh new journal to mirror a fresh new self?!
  • Body Back Transformation! You guys. This program is M A G I C , just ask any of our former or current participants. Special HIIT classes twice a week, a nutrition guide and recipe book, and all the support you could need to get where she wants to be. Lose weight, gain strength, eat healthy—we’ve got her covered for whatever her goals are. (P.S. our next session runs June 27-August 22 and it’s expected to sell out fast!)

For the mama of LITTLE and BIG kids…

Whether she’s got one or many, and whether they’re still toddling or school-aged, she’s certainly got a full plate and deserves a gift to match it.

  • A family photo shoot with Megan Kluge Photography! Mamas are so often the ones behind the camera (or phone!). Megan shoots documentary-style and captures all the love and spontaneity of the real family. Give her the gift of a priceless memory, and show her the beautiful family she’s raising.
  • Keep up to date on the family and kid happenings around town with a Macaroni Kid Pasadena subscription! (Bonus: this one is free! Bam!)
  • My Gym Crofton, The Maryland Zoo, The Baltimore Aquarium or Maryland Science Center—great gifts can be an experience for the whole family.
  • You guessed it—workout programs with us! We have moms at all stages in our Stroller Strides, Stroller Barre, Body Back, FIT4BABY, and Run Club classes, and you don’t have to pick a particular program to buy a gift card. Why not get her a general one, and allow her to pick what works best for her schedule and lifestyle?

For GRANDMA, too…

Don’t forget to show your love and appreciation your own mama and mother-in-law.

  • Any kid-made gift. Pinterest is your best friend here. A handmade gift from the grandkids and you’re honestly G O L D E N . Totally doesn’t have to be pretty or perfect, it just has to be made with love.
  • Meal delivery service. Your mom probably cooked for you your whole life—make it easier for her now that you’re out of her hair by sending her a weekly prepped meal or two! There are so many great services to make dinner a breeze.
  • Secco wine for grandma! Not gonna lie--this one works for almost ANY mama in your life…
  • None of our programs are age-specific, so invite her to any of our classes! But, do you know we’ve had SIX superwoman grandmas complete Body Back Transformation sessions, to incredible results? Mamas can reach their goals at any age!

We feel confident speaking for all mamas that the thing she wants most is to feel seen, appreciated, and loved on Mother’s Day. So tell her and show her, and encourage your littles to do the same. Happy Mother’s Day from FIT4MOM Severn!