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Five Lessons I Learned at FIT4MOM

Krissy Strauss is one of our fantastic Body Back instructors, and the head of Run Club (do you have endurance goals?). She is mama to Jake and Joe, and she makes sure our village is filled with lots of positive energy and a few dirty jokes! Krissy is sharing five of the lessons she's learned since joining FIT4MOM Severn four years ago.


1. Pre-baby me and post-baby me are very different people, especially when it comes to dos and don’ts of raising children. I told myself my kids would not have screen time before age two, and that I would only feed them homemade, organic baby food. Then I had kids and realized that some days it’s all I can do to keep them safe and love them. Talking and venting to my Village made me realize that doesn’t make me a failure or crazy. It makes me normal.

2. You never know where you’ll meet your best mom friend. Sure, we have friends from childhood, high school, college, jobs, hobbies, etc. But once you have kids, you realize those friends may not be in the same stage of life as you ( i.e., scared with a newborn). I met my best mom friend the very first time I went to a FIT4MOM Severn class. It was her first class too, and we discovered quickly that our kids were born just 22 days apart. We (and our kids) have been inseparable since that day four years ago. We talk, laugh and support each other every day, and I’m so grateful to the Severn Village for connecting us.

3. Snack manufacturers are missing the boat on a product that would fly off the shelves - a premixed box of Cheerios, goldfish and raisins. Looking down the row of snack trays and cups during classes makes it apparent that this would be a timesaver for moms.

4. There really is such a thing as #momstrong. I am a stronger person--both emotionally and physically-- than I was before joining the Fit4Mom Severn village. While doing the best total body workouts of my life, I’ve also learned to simultaneously feed a child and pick up thrown toys from another, all while listening to the mama sweating beside me teach me about her love of dancing or middle-of-the-night epiphany about her child’s allergy.

5. There is no need to panic or turn around on your way to class if you realize you’ve forgotten something at home. Forgot your stroller? Snacks for the kiddo(s) still sitting on the counter? No diapers? Hair’s in your face and you don’t have an elastic? I have forgotten all of these at some point, and my Village always has my back. Just ask. We’ve got you covered. Always.