First Day Friday: Merin

Time for another #FirstDayFriday! Merin is a fantastic mom of two and a dedicated Strider and Body Back Boost member. She is, as she once hoped to be, "faster, stronger, and fitter" than she was on her first day of class, but is still every bit as awesome.


My first day of Fit4Mom was at their Grand Opening in Piney Orchard at GORC Park. I was looking for something more than what I was getting at the local gym. While typical gyms classes can be effective for getting your sweat on, for me, there is always a lack of camaraderie. It’s still a bunch of mostly strangers doing dance moves, punching bags, or lifting weights and then going on about their day with a nod and half-hearted wave. And usually, this lack of community was just enough to kill my motivation to keep going.

What struck me at the very beginning of class with Fit4Mom class was how very friendly these ladies were. We all took turns introducing ourselves and our children. Once we started the workout, there was small talk and banter and laughing. Nothing brings moms closer together than physical suffering and the sharing of (mis)adventures in parenting. And there was a playgroup for the kids afterwards!

About half way through that class, a thought occurred to me. If I worked out with ladies who were faster, stronger, and fitter than me, I was bound to get in better shape. That idea was the motivation I needed to join that day.