First Day Friday: Lindsay

Lindsay is one of our longest-running clients and mom to Luke, Max, and Grant. She's a Stroller Strider, Body Back Booster, and a staple at every Mom's Night Out. We love having Lindsay as part of our village, and we're so glad she's been with us since her first day more than three years ago!


“People! Thank God.”

Those were my first thoughts as I pulled up nervously to my first Stroller Strides class in June, 2013. Five days previously, we brought home our bouncing ten pound baby boy, Luke. I had experienced four whole days at home with him and while I was beyond thankful to have the time to bond with him, my 100% extroverted personality was feeling lost.

I found out about Stroller Strides online when I went looking for an activity for us to do for the next 12 weeks of maternity leave. Working out. Being outside. Mom’s Night Out – this was a no brainer for me.

So, there I am – getting my fancy, new stroller out and placing Luke’s infant car seat into it (Boom – I got this.) As I walked up – Ms. Lisa Christesen walked over to make me feel welcome. She then proceeded to put sunscreen on her kids and get them set up in their double stroller like a well-oiled machine. Who was this woman!? Little did I know she was about to run us through an intense workout while simultaneously handing out snacks and solving her kids' sibling conflicts. I just decided she was a magician, and got to the workout.

“Hi, my name is Lindsay and this is Luke, who is 6 weeks old.”

The first station was an arm workout. Now, I was a marathon runner – saying I showed up confident was probably an understatement. But what I quickly realized is that I had zero arm strength – like nothing. Looking back, I was lucky I could carry Luke. When Lisa led us through the tricep and bicep exercises – it was an eye opener (as was how I felt the next day!).

With my confidence shattered, I pressed on with the group, which led us running up a large hill. Running – thank God!– I got this. As I arrived at the top of the hill just after Lisa, another mom came up the hill behind me panting and yelling, “You are six weeks post-partum?!”

Now, this probably would have made some people feel uncomfortable, but I am the type of person that would have had the same reaction. After I detailed the fact that our precious Luke came to us through adoption – she appeared to be willing to be my friend.

After finishing the workout, I knew that I had met my people. They have been my people ever since. I have gained and lost 70 pounds with them. I have cried with them. I have laughed with them. I have been kicking ass and getting into the best shape of my life ever since meeting them. #thankfulisanunderstatement

And little did I know that ten months later, after the birth of our twins, that I would turn into that suntan lotion-applying, snack-giving, problem-solving supermama that I met on day one.