First Day Friday: Laura

Laura Doran is one of our Stroller Barre, Body Back, and Stroller Strides instructors. She is mom to Leo and John, and has been dedicated to our classes since Leo was born over three years ago.


When my firstborn was just the size of a blueberry in my belly, my sister-in-law Maureen bought me a BOB jogging stroller. When that same little blueberry was six weeks old, I dragged my groggy, hormonal self to one of her Fit4Mom classes for the first time. I got there super early (for probably the first and last time), and--get this-- had no idea how to operate my stroller. Maureen then taught me how to open the stroller she'd bought me nine months earlier.

I don't remember anything huge from that first class. I was excited that another mom was new with a six week old too, and that I could hold an okay plank. I was a little self conscious about my endurance, but really felt supported by the other moms in the class. What I mainly remember about that day was Maureen showing me how to open that stroller (and her driving away after, with no idea how to close it back up!). She's taught me so much about fitness and motherhood since then, but it all started with her showing me how to open that BOB.

Since that first day, I've swapped that single stroller for a double (Stroller Strides branded!), and the satisfying click to open it has become part of my daily life. It's hard to believe there was a day I didn't know how to work my BOB. I've come to love, and need, the village of moms and kickass workouts. I've found myself as a mother and athlete thanks to FIT4MOM.

Lots of members of my family are now involved in F4M Severn's programs. My other sister in law had a baby shortly after mine, and joined us. My sisters-in-law had been my family for years, but being moms together is what really brought us closer. Since then, Maureen's co-owner Lisa has become one of my closest friends (my son even calls her Aunt Lisa!). Their clients, the village of Fit4Mom, they're my people. They tell me I'm a good mom when my kids melt down, notify me when I leave one of my minivan doors open (again!), and encourage me to keep pushing when I'm feeling winded or discouraged. Those mamas, they've got my back, and I hope they know I've got theirs.

Fit4Mom has made me a healthier woman, mentally and physically. It makes me a good mom. It has turned my friends into sisters, and my sisters into friends. And it all started with that stroller.