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Climbing Out of Can't

We're SO pleased to say: Lindsay Wright-Winger is the brand new Run Club coach for FIT4MOM Severn! Lindsay is mom to Luke, Max, and Grant and has been active in our programs for the past four years and counting. She's got some BIG plans for the aspiring runners in our village, whether you think you can't or KNOW you can!

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Growing up, I had a parental figure in my life that had one rule – I was never allowed to use the word “can’t.” Literally – that was like the only rule.

Seconds on dessert? “No worries!”

Staying up past my bedtime? “No problem!"

Getting into adolescent trouble? “It happens.”

Saying I can’t do something? Prepare for a lecture, followed by a situation where I would be forced to prove myself wrong.

But it worked. I grew up one seriously confident little tomboy. I could do anything.

I won the county long jump when I was five, despite my extreme fear of the start gun. In 6th grade, I ran the mile in gym class in six minutes, faster than all my classmates. I won MVP of the middle school coed soccer team in 7th grade beating out all the 8th grades boys.

As a teenager, though, this confidence was suddenly forgotten. I was buried under endless doubts.

I can’t run a fast enough two-miler to make the lacrosse team. Why should I try? I can't get into the college I want, so I'll cast an extra wide net and hope one school takes pity on me.

This mental shift left me wondering where I'd lost my infallible confidence and belief in my abilities to conquer anything. Slowly but surely, I started gaining it back through life experiences.

I got into most of the colleges I applied to. I overcame my running doubts by forcing myself to sign up for a race. I kept putting one foot in front of the other, literally and figuratively.

I trained and ran my first half marathon upon graduating. I entered a Top-25 MBA program as one of their youngest students. In the years that followed, I trained and completed four ten-mile races, five half marathons and one full marathon. I finished my first full session of Body Back at sixteen weeks postpartum (in which I became immune to burpees!).

I climbed out of can’t in my life – it wasn't luck. What I learned is that “can’t” has more to do with mental than physical ability.

We are strong, powerful mamas. We dry tears and console fears. We don’t sleep for years. We shop while singing, hugging, feeding and couponing. There is very little we can’t do. So why is "can’t" still part of our vocabulary?

I challenge you to lose the can’t in your life.

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