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Body Back - A Fitness Program, But so Much More.

Katy is the owner of Macaroni Kid - Pasadena, MD and mommy to 3 little guys. She has been "hiiting" it with us at Body Back for almost a year.


Ok, moms-if you've followed for a while, you know in the Spring, I joined Fit4Mom Severn's Body Back Program.

Recently, I was chatting with a friend-and she confessed that every time I told her how empowered I was when I left my workouts, how strong I was getting-that I was high on life when I left class...she thought I was full of crap. She didn't understand how it could possibly feel that way-and then she joined too. Guess what?! She's eating her words now-she's hooked too.

If you haven't read my review after the first night, click here to read it. More importantly, if you haven't read my review from the end of the program, READ IT NOW!

You see, I joined the Body Back program to get in shape and lose weight. Not only am I close to 40 and now stronger than I've EVER been in my entire lift-I've learned to believe in myself again. I've learned to love myself and my body-with all of it's imperfections-wanna know the secret? Because the mama's at Body Back were there the entire way by my side-telling me, "You've got this!" "You can do it!" "Great job!" And you know what I learned from them? They're right!

Recently, at a BB class, one of the other moms came to me and said, "I haven't seen you in a while, what's been going on?" It had been a crappy day-a real doozy of a day. We chatted a few minutes and she told me, "be kind to yourself, don't beat yourself up. Being a mom is so hard!" (Thank you, Amy) I got in my car and cried on the way home. The bonds I made in those initial 8 weeks of Body Back (and the ones I've met along the way)-they'll never go away, and I'm SO grateful to have them. I don't tell these mama's nearly enough. Love you girls!

Body Back may sound like a fitness/health program-and it is-but it's so much more. It's a program that will transform your body and soul.

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Stroller Classes Cancelled March 22

Due to weather, there will be no Stroller Barre Thursday, March 22.

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