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Back to School for Them and You

Here at FIT4MOM Severn, it's really starting to feel like summer is officially over. Right now, it's all about C H A N G E in our families and ourselves, and we've got #allthefeels (mostly positive, but always loving) about school.

We asked the members of our village three questions:

  • How are you feeling about sending the little(s) to school?
  • How are you preparing them for the transition?
  • How are you taking care of YOU this fall?

Our mamas had such wisdom to share with us...

. . .

How are you feeling about sending the little(s) back to school?

I am feeling excited for my daughter to be starting kindergarten but am also a little anxious! As moms, we want our babies to feel happy, welcomed, and comfortable in new situations. So there comes a bit of anxiety with that! But I am so excited for her to meet new friends and experience so many new and wonderful things. --Kristina C.

I am a mix of emotions. I'm super excited because I know she will LOVE school, her teacher, learn so many amazing things and make new friends and memories, but I am also sad to not have one of my buddies around the house keeping me company. --Diane B.

It’s bittersweet. I’m feeling like I want to hang on to my guy, but want to empower him to embrace the new stage of his life. I’m spending equal amounts of time geeking out over the program he’s starting and worrying I haven’t prepared him well enough. But I know that’s just insecurity talking. We all do everything we can, and it’s just time to trust it! --Laura D.

How did you prepare your little(s) this year?

They have new first day outfits and all new supplies which probably excites me more than them. I love school supplies! Plus, we have been discussing things they both may do during their first days. --Melissa H.

We go to activities at school they have for incoming kindergarten students- sneak-peeks, meet the teacher, conferences, stagger days, etc. We also went and picked out her new book bag, lunch box and school supplies. I love new supplies, so we both enjoyed that! --Diane B.

Rather than asking what she learned, we are focusing on how she followed directions and who she was kind to in class. I'm making a chart with the name of each kid in her class and we'll move their name to the "who I was kind to today" column when she comes home each day if she can tell me what she did to be a good friend. --Becky H.

I am preparing them by talking about their new teachers and telling one of my boys to stop pooping in his pants - the three year old classroom does not allow that. The motherhood is real! --Lindsay W.

We've been working on routines, and self-care skills (will my 4 year old ever poop in the potty!?!?!). He's starting to grasp it all, which is amazing to watch and see as our little dude becomes a bigger dude and more and more ready for Kindergarten next year. --Heidi B.

As excited, nervous, or sad I am feeling, I am trying to stay positive for her so she is positive, too. --Diane B.

How are you taking care of YOU this season?

I'm excited about getting back into a routine and make it to my workouts more. I am excited to have alone time with my youngest too. --Melissa H.

Back to school means school supplies, not just for the kiddos, but for me as well! I get a new planner, calendar, or planning system. Seems like every white board in target can solve all of my problems. --Maureen D.

Back to school is definitely a season to get excited about no matter what stage of life. Even before kids, the school year was a signal summer was coming to a close and an opportunity to reorganize, plan and prepare for the year ahead. This year the feeling is the same with the addition of a new planner to help me stay on top of things and on schedule. --Jeanne D.

I reevaluate my own routines - traffic is worse on my commute so I need to leave earlier which means being better about making lunches at night, I get a new planner and *attempt* to be more organized in my own life. --Heidi B.

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