A Review of "Happy Hour at the Barre"

Guest author Katy Myers is the face behind Macaroni Kid Pasadena. She is a a fantastic mama to three boys and an active member of Body Back Boost, and now Stroller Barre too! We're so happy to have Katy as part of our village.


If you've followed along for a while, you'll know that last spring, after just one night of Fit4Mom Severn's Body Back program, I fell in love. After completing the eight-week Body Back session, I became a self-proclaimed Fit4Mom Severn 'junkie.' Although I loved my Body Back mamas, I kept trying to figure out how I could fit some of their stroller program classes into my schedule. I really liked the idea of being able to take my boys to work out with me instead of just dropping them off at the gym childcare, and I loved the idea of connecting with other moms during the post-workout play date.

My oldest went back to school last week and I suddenly realized that on Tuesdays and Thursdays I can head to Fit4Mom Severn's newest program, Stroller Barre! For years, I've heard amazing things about Barre classes. I mean-- anything that can help me look 'longer and leaner, I'm in!

The class meets at the Waugh Chapel Town Center each Tuesday and Thursday at 9:30 AM and starts with a warm up of stretching and lengthening. The instructors constantly reminded us to be conscious of our posture. I know that even while working out, it's hard for me to remember to stand up straight, let alone while I'm carrying a child on one hip and leaning to hold the other's hand while walking to and from the car multiple times daily.

Stroller Barre is a travelling class, so we then headed off to the first station. Depending on your fitness level, you could run, speed walk or even just walk (pushing strollers, of course). This particular class was a partner-themed class, and so at the first station, we found partners, one did a wall sit on the columns and the partner did a reverse plank with leg lifts on the first person's knees. It's tough, but so empowering to feel your own body holding not only yourself up, but your partner, and helping to keep them balanced too. While holding our positions, I caught up with my partner--one of my Body Back buddies! We also sang 'You Are My Sunshine' to our kids in strollers!

After this, we continued this pattern of travelling and then an exercise along with a song. I think my absolute fave was the the back to back side planks while passing a ball under ourselves to crunch our obliques. The song we sang had the following lyrics:

'The more we work our obliques, our obliques, our obliques,

The more we work our obliques, the stronger we'll be.

'Cause you are a strong mom, and I am a strong mom.

The more we work our obliques, the stronger we'll be!

(I was singing this the rest of the day!)

The class ended with some yoga style stretching still with our little ones in tow. This was about the point that my guys started to want out of the stroller. I was actually pretty darn impressed they stayed the whole time.

After class ended, the littles were all released from their strollers and enjoyed some parachute play time while the moms got to catch up and chat. It was good so see some friends I know form Body Back, and great to meet their kiddos. The best was Will, age six, leading a parade of toddlers while carrying the parachute and calling out, "who wants to join my party?!" My boys had so much fun playing with the other kids.

I'm so excited that we finally made it to Stroller Barre and that we can start to add these Tuesday and Thursday workouts and play dates into our schedule! Come Stroller Barre & play with us too!

Original post appeared on Macaroni Kid, Pasadena - Severna Park. You can also read Katy's posts on her eight-week session of Body Back here and here.