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Important News from FIT4MOM Severn

Our goal now, as always, is to safely deliver you both fitness and community. So, with a strong belief that during this time we need connection more than ever, we have shifted to a virtual fitness and community schedule which provides fitness classes and connections.

We offer a live virtual workout every day of the week. There, you will connect real time with certified instructors and connect with all the other moms in our village who want to get a live workout with you. The workouts can be done in your living room with what you have handy around the house.

All our classes during this time are general FIT4MOM classes rather than program-specific. So whether you’re in need of low impact exercise or an intense challenge, every workout will provide modifications, progressions, and challenges for ALL moms and all bodies. As always, we believe in honoring the body you bring with you to class, and we are here to help you do so.

We also offer streaming meetings for all moms that we’re calling “Community Connect” – these are coffee chats, happy hours, playgroups, and other opportunities to avoid going stir crazy during this time.

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